Culbertson Memorial Church

The Culbertson Memorial Church was one of a number of Presbyterian churches constructed by Charles H. Cook to serve Pima Indians living on the Gila River Reservation. In 1897, it was decided that there were enough converts living at Vah Ki (Casa Blanca) to warrant the construction of a church there, which was completed in July. In 1913, it was known as the Presbyterian Indian Church of Casa Blanca, changing to the Vah Ki Presbyterian Church in February 1927.

By 1927, the Church had become dilapidated. Dr. Thomas G. Koontz, a Presbyterian pastor from Oil City, Pennsylvania, took notice of the Church's condition during a visit, and when he returned home presented the need of a new building to his members. Mrs. Edith C. Justus donated $5,000 for erection of a new building, which was completed in October 1927. It was then dedicated as the Culbertson Memorial Church in remembrance of Mrs. Justus' parents.