Newfoundland native James Cowan homesteaded and established Cowan Station here in the early 1900s, and served silver freighters traveling to Cerro Gordo. In time, it was relocated slightly to service travelers along the Midland Trail (later US-6 & 395). He soon constructed a store, cafe, and service station, but due to financial trouble closed them in 1932.

In 1936, Cowan Station was purchased and reopened by Charles & Hilda King. After deciding that they were done moving and it would be their permanent home, they rechristened it 'Dunmovin'. Maintaining their decision, the Kings spent the remainder of their days at Dunmovin, after which it passed through a few hands. Gordon and Ruth Cooper purchased the station in 1961, and operated it until its permanent closure in the 1970s. By then a small community had developed, and some remained for years thereafter, but Dunmovin now appears to be deserted and many of its surviving buildings are in disrepair and victim to vandalism.

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