Located on the Alturas and Reno Stage Road, this locale was first known as Thompsons after Manly Thompson, the first settler there. In 1878, Alexander J. Bunting built a large stage station and general store, which the Lassen Advocate editor jested should be known as 'Catville' due to the number of felines there. In 1880, T.J. Glascock converted the store to a hotel, and by 1882 Buntingville also included another store and blacksmith, carriage, carpenter and cooper shops. Briefly Hiram Dakin and Hiram McCellan contemplated construction of a flour mill, but ultimately that was built in Janesville.

Buntingville continued to maintain a modest existence into the twentieth century, after which it even boasted a short-lived newspaper - the Buntingville Breeze, published by general store owner Mike Phillips. Soon, though, Phillips moved his enterprises to Standish. On July 10, 1911, the Honey Lake Valley Mutual Telephone Association was formed, the first telephone company in Lassen County, with its headquarters in Buntingville. By 1924, it had grown to 200 subscribers from Buntingville and surrounding towns, but facing financial difficulties it was taken over by the Lassen Telephone Company on July 21 of that year. Today, a few people live in little Buntingville, though the town itself amounts to little more than a name on the map.