When news broke that the Fernley & Lassen Railway was to be built through Honey Lake Valley in 1912, local rancher B.F. Gibson and his associate, a Los Angeles promoter named B.F. Jackson, laid out a new townsite that was to serve as a shipping point. Due to its location less than three miles from Standish, it was initially to be called 'New Standish', and Gibson even offered free lots to those who wished to relocate there. When the offer was ill-received, Gibson renamed the new town Litchfield, after his father-in-law Andrew Litch (see Dayton).

Rails reached Litchfield during the Spring of 1913, though it wasn't until 1916 that a depot and water tower were completed. The town served its purpose as an agricultural shipping point until about 1954, when the depot closed and was later torn down. The railroad continued to run through town until about 2004, and the rails were removed in 2006.

Fernley & Lassen Railway
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