(Dunderberg Mill)

About 1867, Charles Snyder located quartz veins on Kavanaugh Ridge and staked a claim. He only produced a meager amount, but nevertheless the Castle Peak District was organized. In 1870 Snyder & Co. located the Dunderberg Mine (possibly named after the Union Naval ship USS Dunderberg), which was soon purchased by Dr. George Munckton, a druggist from Carson City, and his Munckton Gold & Silver Mining Company. A water powered 20-stamp mill and chlorination plant were erected, and a town called Munckton developed. Unfortunately, the mill was plagued by high sulphide levels, and ceased operation by 1872. Munckton quickly faded.

Two revivals have since occured at the Dunderberg Mine. In 1878, the mill was reopened, lasting for about two years before it was dismantled and the equipment transferred to Bodie. In 1891, the mine was purchased by an English syndicate, who relocated a mill from Silver Mountain City in 1896. It didn't actually begin operation again until 1899, but was met with numerous issues and operated only seasonally until 1902. The syndicate began work on a new tunnel from Green Creek Canyon, but after fire destroyed the mill before the 1903 season the venture was abandoned.