East Pasqual Adobe School

The East Pasqual Adobe School, named for its location in the San Pasqual Valley, was built in 1882 by N.R. Roberts on land donated by the Darling family. It was used until 1918 when the new, larger San Pasqual Union School was built; doors, windows, and the roof from the adobe school were salvaged for reuse in the new school. The adobe school was left abandoned for decades, falling into disrepair. In 1944, Henry Fenton paid to have the school refurbished in time for a reunion for the Class of 1886. At this time, the adobe walls were stuccoed and the windows, doors, and roof were replaced. The reunion at the old school was an annual event until the passing of Fenton in 1951. Subsequent reabandonment led to the school's deterioration. By the end of the century, the roof had collapsed and windows were broken. In addition, the tv show "Renegade" left the building covered in graffiti after filming there in the 1990s. The building was dealt another blow in October 2007, when the Witch Creek Fire burned through the area, leaving only the four walls standing. Today, those walls remain behind a chain link fence, but their future remains uncertain, though a protective shed was constructed in Spring 2019.