Estrella Adobe Church

The Estrella Adobe Church was the first Protestant church constructed in northern San Luis Obispo County. The first Methodist Episcopal gathering on the Estrella Plains was held at the Estrella schoolhouse January 29, 1878, and by the end of the year work was underway by local farmers to build a church. Unfortunately, drought and poor prices for their products caused significant delays on the construction and the church wasn't plastered and dedicated until 1882. It was finally complete in 1885. The little church only prospered for a couple of years, before services were moved into the town of Estrella and churches were built in Paso Robles, San Miguel, and Shandon.

From 1898 until 1903, the church was used by a Mennonite group before it was left to deteriorate. In 1950, the Paso Robles Women's Club's History and Landmarks Committee decided to restore the church, and sent letters of appeal to locals. Jesse Crettol, Sr., of San Miguel, and his sons supervised the restoration of the adobe church, with labor provided by the Paso Robles School for Boys. The restoration was completed in 1952, with a rededication held on May 25 of that year. Since 1968, the church has been cared for by the Friends of the Adobes, which also maintains the Rios-Caledonia Adobe in nearby San Miguel.