Beulah, originally called Reaves Settlement, was first settled in January 1860 when Bartlett B. Reams arrived with his family from Merriweather County, Georgia. The Reams family was accompanied by the families of W.C. Roper and Andrew Jackson Dunnaway, a total caravan of 28 horses and mules, five wagons, two carriages and one buggy. In 1867, the Reaves family (including Daniel Asbury and Rawlins Lowndes Reaves) arrived and owned most of the land in the community. The community continued to grow until the late-1880s, when the railroad was built and Winter Garden was established. Many of Beulah's residents moved, and little remains of the community today save for the old church and cemetery.

The Beulah Congregational Church was founded in 1861 (the oldest church in Orange County) and for a time also served as the only school in the area. It was named Beulah for the Hebrew word meaning "married," which is also symbolic of Zion in the Bible - the settlement adopted the name afterwards. The current building was erected c.1890, and in 1892 became the Beulah Methodist Church. In 1909, the Methodist church moved to Winter Garden and in 1913 the denomination was changed to Baptist.