Though the hamlet of Duette has shown on maps as early as 1896, its best known landmark didn't appear until 1930. The five-room Duette School was built that year by volunteers, when three smaller rural schools (Duette, Albritton, & Bunker Hill) were consolidated. It was a "strawberry school" for many years, meaning that the school year lasted from April until December, leaving the remaining months open for children to help their families harvest. At its peak, the Duette School had 80 students up to eighth grade. After 1967, the school had only one teacher with grades 1-4. With only eleven students, the school finally closed in 2016; it was the last one-room operating in the state of Florida (only one of the five classrooms was in use). It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 30, 2018.