Lock Family Cemetery

The Lock - or Locke - Family Cemetery was established in 1887, according to the sign at its entrance. This cemetery caught my eye because Locke is an old name in my family (I don't know if there is a relation). The small cemetery holds some 60+ family members, but the best known is the grave of Jane Green.

Green, born 1835 engaged in the world's oldest profession near Holopaw. In summer 1868, she was caught leading Moses Barber and Ed Summerlin into the woods for 'business,' and this led to both men being fined $6,000 for adultery (though Green herself was never fined). In later days, Green's granddaughter Cennie Tison married a Lock, which is how she came to be laid to rest in this cemetery after her death in 1920. Interestingly, the dates on Jane Green's headstone are given as 1819-1918, but according to a family member her original headstone was stolen one Halloween. In an effort to replace it, a relative searched for Jane Green in public records and accidentally found dates for the wrong individual.