Before a community ever developed, the area between Buntingville and Standish became known as Missouri Bend due to the number of settlers who had arrived from that state. In 1879, a school district was established and the first Missouri Bend School was built.

In 1879, the Honey Lake Creamery and a general store were opened near the school by William E. Spoon, and the small hamlet of Spoonville came into existence. In 1903, the two-story, 20-room Spoonville Hotel was built by Robert Dunn. The town's population peaked around 30, and it was the headquarters of the Lassen Mill & Lumber Company, Baxter Creek Irrigation Company and the Pacific Coast Bear Club (of which Theodore Roosevelt was a member). By 1909, it became necessary to build a new, larger Missouri Bend School.

By the mid-1910s, Spoonville had begun its decline. It was renamed Edgemont in 1913 as part of a real estate scheme, but did little to revive the little town. In the 1930s, the Spoonville Hotel was razed, and in 1954 the Missouri Bend School closed when the district was absorbed by Janesville.